South Africa: President Ramaphosa downplays the possibility of impeachment.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has downplayed the possibility of impeachment in the wake of allegations that he sought to cover up a multimillion-dollar cash heist at his luxury cattle farm.

At a news conference at the end of a state visit to the United Kingdom, Ramaphosa outlines his government’s response to continuous power disruptions in his native nation and praises King Charles III’s new vision for the Commonwealth.

The scandal erupted in June when South Africa’s former national spy boss filed a complaint with the police alleging that robbers broke into Phala Phala and stole $4m in cash stashed in furniture at the president’s farm in the northeast of the country.

It alleged that Ramaphosa hid the robbery from the authorities and instead organised for the robbers to be kidnapped and bribed into silence. The scandal is believed to pose a threat to Ramaphosa’s bid for a second term as president of the African National Congress (ANC) as the ruling party heads to contested internal polls in December.

Ramaphosa’s office responded in written answers in testimony to a parliamentary panel on Sunday, November 6 that he has always made it a point “to abide by his oath of office and set an example in his respect for the constitution”.

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