Trump hammers claim mail-in votes lead to fraud

Donald Trump has doubled down on his criticism of mail-in ballots saying the practice will lead to ‘all sorts of havoc’ and ‘millions’ of fraudulent votes and argued that if people can protest they can go to a polling station.

In a tweet, the US president pondered on the chaotic nature and secrecy which he claims comes with voting by mail.

“If people can go out and protest, riot, break into stores, and create all sorts of havoc, they can also go out and VOTE — and keep our Election Honest. With millions of mail-in ballots being sent out, who knows where they are going, and to whom?” he contemplated.

The tweet came right after an all-caps one, where Trump directly said that he believes that the future presidential election is going to be “rigged” by “foreign countries” via mail-in ballots

Trump has been attacking mail-in ballots for a long time. In May, he threatened to cut off Michigan’s funding after the state’s decision to send absentee ballot applications to all registered voters.

The Democrats, however, have pressed for mail-in ballots. They have explained the push as providing a safe voting option amid the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

In a recent interview, Attorney General William Barr argued that such provisions “open the floodgates to fraud” and could even deny Americans the right to a secret ballot since they would have to put their name on the envelope when they mail their ballots.

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