‘Will Donald Trump get an apology?’: CNN dragged for building ‘wall’ around HQ following attack by protesters


An image of CNN protecting its Atlanta headquarters from protesters with a fence has inspired many to go after the network for constantly questioning President Donald Trump’s support of a southern border wall.

The photo of CNN’s fortified headquarters went viral on Friday, as many conservatives blasted the network for hypocrisy, based on its past coverage of both the proposed border wall between the US and Mexico and the protests over George Floyd’s death.

CNN is home to a gallery of commentators who are vocally opposed to Trump’s border wall, and the network’s news coverage has been skeptical of the idea.

By contrast, CNN has been supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement and its coverage of protests has reported them as “mostly peaceful” – even as demonstrators attacked its HQ last month, apparently necessitating a protective barrier.

Americans have flooded the streets of major metropolitan areas protesting racially-motivated police brutality. While mostly peaceful, the civil unrest does pose a unique security concern for those in charge of protecting the priceless art housed there.

One of the president’s sons,  Eric Trump, blasted CNN for their seeming endorsement of walls when it comes to protecting their own property.

“I guess that ends that debate… I wonder if [Donald Trump] will get an apology,” he tweeted.

Others were just as blunt with the network.

“If all the protests in Atlanta were ‘justified & peaceful’ why did CNN feel the need to build an additional wall around their headquarters?”tweeted Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

If CNN was really interested in a solution, they would have built bridges instead of walls in order to understand the feelings of the rioters that vandalized their property https://t.co/aFs3zFdWy7

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) June 19, 2020

Seattle’s ‘autonomous zone’ — an area taken over by protesters with police driven out — was also eviscerated on social media, including by the president, after images revealed they too were building a wall, despite being in opposition to the president and his administration’s agenda. The fact that the protesters and CNN have constructed walls while the US’ border wall remains a debate was not lost on some social media users.

“CHOP has a Wall. CNN Atlanta has a Wall,” outspoken conservative Chuck Woolery tweeted. “Our border does not.”

CHOP has a Wall. CNN Atlanta has a Wall. Our border does not.

— Chuck Woolery (@chuckwoolery) June 19, 2020

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