Women MPs call for Law to Stop Cyber Bullying


Chairperson for the Caucus of Women Parliamentarians Nkandu Luo says the Caucus intends to sponsor a private member’s motion to address cyberbullying.

Professor Luo says there is a need to put laws in place to deal with such cases and help restore family and social fabric that is lacking among youths.

She has since called on the civil society to play a role in ensuring necessary laws are put in place to curb cyberbullying, especially targeting women.

Professor Luo further called on the Human Rights Commission to start guiding citizens on where each citizen’s rights end as some citizens claim they have the right to express themselves in such a manner.

Professor Luo said this at a joint media briefing with Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services in Lusaka today.

And Ms Siliya said Government will not tolerate anyone insulting the Head of State, Government officials and any other citizen in the name of freedom of expression.

Ms. Siliya said President Edgar Lungu is not afraid of criticism or debate from anyone as he conducts his duties but that this should be palatable.

She said the country needs to start questioning why young people should go on social media posting insults about the President.

Ms Siliya said Government has also noted with concern the bullying of women through social media.

She said everyone has a right to engage on the internet, but that citizens should express responsibility and not go about insulting others.

Ms Siliya said the right of expression is captured in the Republican Constitution and that this right is guided by other laws including Defamation and Libel.

She said this also extends to the right of the Press which has the right to publish what is factual and within the national laws.

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