Women vision 2020 hand over petition


Mary Mwiinga-Women’s Vision 2020 and Beyond has presented a petition to Government Chief Whip BRIAN MUNDUBILE in support of Article 47 of the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019.

Association Vice-Chairperson Reverend NSOFWA MULUMO says Parliament should have 50 – 50 representation of the women, youth and people living with disabilities.

Reverend MULUMO says bill 10 is a rare opportunity to amend the electoral system from the retrogressive first past the post to a progressive mixed-member system and urged all members of parliament to adopt Constitution Amendment bill number 10.

Speaking when he received the petition, Mr MUNDUBILE said during the processes that led to the formulation of bill 10, submissions were unanimous from all of the stakeholders from political parties and other organizations represented at the National dialogue
forum and in siavonga.

Mr MUNDUBILE said amendments to Article 47 are very important because they will bring on board all the marginalized groups and the youth will have representation and will NOT even feel the need to protest.

He said he expects to get unanimous support to amendment number 47 of the bill because no Member of Parliament can afford to go against the youth and women.

Meanwhile, Bwana M’kubwa MP JONAS CHANDA said the best way to guarantee the future of women representation is by including provisions such as alluded to in the Constitution and encouraged the women to continue lobbying MPs to support the Bill.

And MMD MP, HOWARD KUNDA said article 47 is very important and MMD is in support because it wants to see the women and youth and persons with disabilities go to parliament to represent themselves.

Meanwhile, Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities Acting Executive Director JULIEN MWAPE said there should be NO discrimination against certain disadvantaged populations in the governance of the country.

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