World Cup: Liverpool superstar says meeting with Lionel Messi nearly killed him

Luiz Diaz, a Liverpool superstar, has stated that Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho are his inspirations, and that he is a huge follower of the Argentine football monarch.

Diaz said he felt like he was going to die the first time he saw the Argentine superstar, during Colombia’s match versus Argentina.

The Liverpool midfielder stated he adores the Paris Saint-Germain superstar and considers himself fortunate to have seen him again during the Coppa America two years ago.

“The day I meet him, I am really going to die! I love Messi,” he told Anfield Watch.

“The first time I had contact with him was in a Colombian game in Barranquilla, but I didn’t start. I was just starting out in the national team.”

Diaz further recalled how he came across the former Barcelona captain in a Copa America game two years ago, where the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner signed a shirt for him.

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